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public final class AppLink
Contains App Link metadata relevant for navigation on this device derived from the HTML at a given URL.
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public final classAppLink.Target
Represents a target defined in App Link metadata, consisting of at least a package name, and optionally a URL, class name (for explicit intent handling), and an app name.
Field Summary
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private final List<AppLink.Target>targets
private final UrisourceUrl
private final UriwebUrl
Constructor Summary
AppLink(Uri sourceUrl, List<AppLink.Target> targets, Uri webUrl)
Method Summary
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final List<AppLink.Target>getTargets()
final UrigetSourceUrl()
final UrigetWebUrl()
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Constructor Detail


AppLink(Uri sourceUrl, List<AppLink.Target> targets, Uri webUrl)
sourceUrl - the URL from which this App Link was derived.
targets - the ordered list of Targets for this platform.
webUrl - the fallback web URL, if any was specified, for this App Link.
Method Detail


 final List<AppLink.Target> getTargets()


 final UrigetSourceUrl()


 final UrigetWebUrl()