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public class Utils
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public final static UtilsINSTANCE
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final IntArrayvectorize(String texts, Integer maxLen)
final StringnormalizeString(String str)
final static FilegetMlDir()
final static Map<String, MTensor>parseModelWeights(File file) Parse AppEvents model files.
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 final IntArrayvectorize(String texts, Integer maxLen)


 final StringnormalizeString(String str)


 final static FilegetMlDir()


 final static Map<String, MTensor> parseModelWeights(File file)
Parse AppEvents model files.
The model file format is described by following parts:
  • First 4 bytes: an 32-bit integer encoded in little-endian order for the length of metadata string, denoted by L.
  • Next L bytes: a JSONObject string for the metadata. Its keys are the name of the weights and its values are the shape of the weight tensors.
  • Then there are multiple float arrays encoded with the little-endian order for all weight tensors. The arrays are ordered by the lexicographic order of keys in the metadata.
file - the model file object