Facebook SDK for Android Reference  (v4.10)
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AccessTokenThis class represents an immutable access token for using Facebook APIs
AccessTokenSourceIndicates where a Facebook access token was obtained from
AccessTokenTrackerThis class can be extended to receive notifications of access token changes
AppEventsConstantsPredefined event and parameter names for logging events common to many apps
AppEventsLogger The AppEventsLogger class allows the developer to log various types of events back to Facebook
AppEventsLogger.FlushBehaviorControls when an AppEventsLogger sends log events to the server
AppGroupCreationContentDescribes the content that will be displayed by the AppGroupCreationDialog
AppGroupCreationContent.AppGroupPrivacySpecifies the privacy of a group
AppGroupCreationContent.BuilderBuilder class for a concrete instance of AppGroupCreationContent
AppInviteContentDescribes the content that will be displayed by the AppInviteDialog
AppInviteContent.BuilderBuilder class for a concrete instance of AppInviteContent
AppInviteDialogA dialog for inviting users
AppInviteDialog.ResultHelper object for handling the result from an app invites dialog
AppLinkDataClass to encapsulate an app link, and provide methods for constructing the data from various sources
CallbackManager.FactoryThe factory class for the CallbackManager
CreateAppGroupDialogA dialog for creating app groups
CreateAppGroupDialog.ResultHelper object for handling the result from a create app group dialog
DefaultAudienceCertain operations such as publishing a status or publishing a photo require an audience
FacebookActivityThis Activity is a necessary part of the overall Facebook SDK, but is not meant to be used directly
FacebookAppLinkResolverProvides an implementation for the AppLinkResolver interface that uses the Facebook App Link index to resolve App Links given a URL
FacebookBroadcastReceiverThis class implements a simple BroadcastReceiver designed to listen for broadcast notifications from the Facebook app
FacebookButtonBaseA base class for a facebook button
FacebookContentProviderImplements a ContentProvider that can be used to provide binary attachments (e
FacebookRequestErrorThis class represents an error that occurred during a Facebook request
FacebookRequestError.CategoryAn enum that represents the Facebook SDK classification for the error that occurred
FacebookSdkThis class allows some customization of Facebook SDK behavior
GameRequestContentDescribes the content that will be displayed by the GameRequestDialog
GameRequestContent.BuilderBuilder class for a concrete instance of GameRequestContent
GameRequestDialogProvides functionality to send requests in games
GameRequestDialog.ResultHelper object for handling the result from a requests dialog
GraphRequest A single request to be sent to the Facebook Platform through the Graph API
GraphRequest.ParcelableResourceWithMimeTypeUsed during serialization for the graph request
GraphRequestAsyncTaskDefines an AsyncTask suitable for executing a Request in the background
GraphRequestBatchRequestBatch contains a list of Request objects that can be sent to Facebook in a single round-trip
GraphResponseEncapsulates the response, successful or otherwise, of a call to the Facebook platform
GraphResponse.PagingDirectionIndicates whether paging is being done forward or backward
HttpMethodEnumeration of HTTP methods supported by Request
JoinAppGroupDialogA dialog for joining app groups
JoinAppGroupDialog.ResultHelper object for handling the result from a join app group dialog
LikeViewThis class provides the UI for displaying the Facebook Like button and its associated components
LikeView.AuxiliaryViewPositionEncapsulates the valid values for the facebook:auxiliary_view_position attribute for a LikeView
LikeView.HorizontalAlignmentEncapsulates the valid values for the facebook:horizontal_alignment attribute for a LikeView
LikeView.ObjectTypeEncapsulates the valid values for the facebook:object_type attribute for a LikeView
LikeView.StyleEncapsulates the valid values for the facebook:style attribute for a LikeView
LoggingBehaviorSpecifies different categories of logging messages that can be generated
LoginBehaviorSpecifies the behaviors to try during login
LoginButtonA Log In/Log Out button that maintains login state and logs in/out for the app
LoginButton.ToolTipModeThe display modes for the login button tool tip
LoginFragmentThis Fragment is a necessary part of the overall Facebook login process but is not meant to be used directly
LoginManagerThis class manages login and permissions for Facebook
LoginResultThis class shows the results of a login operation
MessageDialogProvides functionality to send content via the Facebook Message Dialog
ProfileThis class represents a basic Facebook profile
ProfilePictureViewView that displays the profile photo of a supplied profile ID, while conforming to user specified dimensions
ProfileTrackerThis class can be extended to receive notifications of profile changes
SendButtonA button to share content through Messenger
ShareApiProvides an interface for sharing through the graph API
ShareButtonA button to share content on Facebook
ShareButtonBaseA base class for sharing buttons
ShareContentProvides the base class for content to be shared
ShareContent.BuilderAbstract builder for ShareContent
ShareDialogProvides functionality to share content via the Facebook Share Dialog
ShareDialog.ModeThe mode for the share dialog
ShareLinkContentDescribes link content to be shared
ShareLinkContent.BuilderBuilder for the ShareLinkContent interface
ShareMediaBase class for shared media (photos, videos, etc)
ShareMedia.BuilderBuilder for the ShareMedia class
ShareOpenGraphActionDescribes an Open Graph action Use ShareOpenGraphAction
ShareOpenGraphAction.BuilderBuilder for the ShareOpenGraphAction interface
ShareOpenGraphContentDescribes Open Graph content that is to be shared Use ShareOpenGraphContent
ShareOpenGraphContent.BuilderBuilder for the ShareOpenGraphContent interface
ShareOpenGraphObjectDescribes an Open Graph Object to be created
ShareOpenGraphObject.BuilderBuilder for the ShareOpenGraphObject interface
ShareOpenGraphValueContainerProvides an abstract class to contain Open Graph values
ShareOpenGraphValueContainer.BuilderAbstract builder for the ShareOpenGraphValueContainer class
SharePhotoDescribes a photo for sharing
SharePhoto.BuilderBuilder for the SharePhoto class
SharePhotoContentDescribes photo content to be shared
SharePhotoContent.BuilderBuilder for the SharePhotoContent interface
Sharer.ResultHelper object for handling the result from a share dialog or share operation
ShareVideoDescribes a video for sharing
ShareVideo.BuilderBuilder for the ShareVideo class
ShareVideoContentProvides the interface for video content to be shared
ShareVideoContent.BuilderBuilder for the ShareVideoContent interface
TestUserManagerThis class manages Facebook test users
ToolTipPopupThis displays a popup tool tip for a specified view
ToolTipPopup.StyleThe values here describe the styles available for the tool tip class
AccessToken.AccessTokenCreationCallbackA callback for creating an access token from a NativeLinkingIntent
AppLinkData.CompletionHandlerInterface to asynchronously receive AppLinkData after it has been fetched
CallbackManagerThe CallbackManager manages the callbacks into the FacebookSdk from an Activity's or Fragment's onActivityResult() method
FacebookCallbackA callback class for the Facebook SDK
FacebookDialogRepresents dialogs provided by Facebook
FacebookSdk.InitializeCallbackCallback passed to the sdkInitialize function
GraphRequest.CallbackSpecifies the interface that consumers of the Request class can implement in order to be notified when a particular request completes, either successfully or with an error
GraphRequest.GraphJSONArrayCallbackCallback for requests that result in an array of JSONObjects
GraphRequest.GraphJSONObjectCallbackCallback for requests that result in a JSONObject
GraphRequest.OnProgressCallbackSpecifies the interface that consumers of the Request class can implement in order to be notified when a progress is made on a particular request
GraphRequestBatch.CallbackSpecifies the interface that consumers of the RequestBatch class can implement in order to be notified when the entire batch completes execution
GraphRequestBatch.OnProgressCallbackSpecifies the interface that consumers of the RequestBatch class can implement in order to be notified when the batch makes progress
LikeView.OnErrorListenerCallback interface that will be called when a network or other error is encountered while logging in
ProfilePictureView.OnErrorListenerCallback interface that will be called when a network or other error is encountered while retrieving profile pictures
ShareBuilderInterface for builders related to sharing
ShareModelBase interface for share models
ShareModelBuilderInterface for builders related to sharing
SharerThe common interface for components that initiate sharing
FacebookAuthorizationExceptionAn Exception indicating that Login failed
FacebookDialogExceptionRepresents an error condition relating to displaying a Facebook Web dialog
FacebookExceptionRepresents an error condition specific to the Facebook SDK for Android
FacebookGraphResponseExceptionRepresents an issue that's returned by the Graph API
FacebookOperationCanceledExceptionAn Exception indicating that an operation was canceled before it completed
FacebookSdkNotInitializedExceptionAn Exception indicating that the Facebook SDK has not been correctly initialized
FacebookServiceExceptionRepresents an error returned from the Facebook service in response to a request
Audience Network Classes
AbstractAdListenerAbstractAdListener implements AdListener, InterstitialAdListener and ImpressionListener
AdChoicesViewAn expandable, clickable ad choices icon
AdErrorAdError contains the error information returned by Facebook
AdSettingsAdSettings contains global settings for all ad controls
AdSizeAdSize is the dimension of the ad control
AdViewAdView displays advertisements by Facebook
InterstitialAdInterstitialAd displays an advertisement by Facebook in an interstitial
InterstitialAdActivityInterstitialAdActivity is the Android activity used by InterstitialAd to display ad
MediaViewMediaview displays native ad media content
NativeAdNativeAd provides ad creative for apps to rendered in custom layout
NativeAd.ImageImage creative
NativeAd.MediaCacheFlagMedia Cache flag
NativeAd.RatingRating info
NativeAdScrollViewNativeAdScrollView provides a horizontal scrolling experience hosting either NativeAdViews or custom views
NativeAdsManagerThe NativeAdsManager provides a mechanism to fetch a set of NativeAds and then use them within your application
NativeAdViewNativeAdView provides a templated view for a NativeAd with flexible width and height determined by NativeAdView
NativeAdViewAttributesNativeAdViewAttributes controls layout and display elements of the NativeAdView
Audience Network Interfaces
AdAd interface is a common interface implemented by all Facebook ad controls
AdListenerAdListener interface is notified of events in ad control lifecycle
InterstitialAdListenerInterstitialAdListener interface is notified of events in InterstitialAd lifecycle
Messenger Classes
MessengerThreadParamsParameters describing the Intent that Messenger sent to the app
MessengerThreadParams.OriginThe origin of the flow that user originated from
MessengerUtilsUtilities for Messenger Content Platform
ShareToMessengerParamsParameters used by MessengerUtils for sending the media to Messenger to share
ShareToMessengerParamsBuilderBuilder for ShareToMessengerParams