News Indexing API FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions for the Facebook News Indexing API. If you are unfamiliar with the Facebook Graph API visit the Graph API Overview to learn more.

How do I get a System User Access Token?

Visit the Get Access Tokens guide to learn how to generate a System User access token.

How can I check that my access token is still valid?

There are two options to check the validity of your access token.

  • Send a query to the /debug_token endpoint.
    curl -i -X GET "{token-to-check}
    Sample Response

    If the access token is valid is_valid returns true.

      "data": {
        "app_id": "{app-id}",
        "type": "SYSTEM USER",
        "application": "{your-app-name}",
        "expires_at": 0,
        "is_valid": true,
        "issued_at": 1505720953
        "profile_id": "{system-user-id}",
        "scopes": [
        "user_id": "{user-id}"

Can I have multiple publications using the same App?

It is recommended that you create a different Facebook App for each domain or each CMS to avoid rate limiting issues. Learn more.

What rate limits are applied to this API?

For requests when scope=news_tab_dev_env, the following limits apply:

For requests when scope=news_tab, the following limits apply:

  • 1 distinct URL request per minute
  • 750 requests per hour

Can I tag my content with a tag other than article:opinion?

Currently we only support the article:opinion tag to indicate whether an article is a news article or an opinion article.

How can I measure engagement?

There are no measurement systems in place at this time.

When should I denylist a URL?

  • When you want to remove content that has been previously indexed
  • When an article is unpublished
  • If you publish branded or sponsored content that should not appear, you should denylist those URLs.

How can I test if a given URL has been ingested?

To verify the status of an indexed URL follow the steps outlined in our Manage News Articles guide.