App Review for Messenger API support for Instagram Apps

Before your app can be used by anyone other than people who have a direct role on the app itself, it must first undergo App Review.

Before You Submit

  • Ensure your app abides by all applicable Meta's terms and policies, including our Terms of Service, Platform Terms, Developer Policy, Community Standards, Instagram Terms of Use, and the Instagram Community Guidelines. See here for an overview of some of the key Developer Policies applying to Messenger Platform and Messenger API support for Instagram (aka Instagram Messaging APIs).
  • Ensure your Facebook Page is connected to your Instagram Professional account.
  • Ensure your app can process webhooks correctly.
  • Ensure your app can digest webhooks and use their contents to send and receive messages via the Send API and, if you have a custom inbox solution, get thread/message content via the Conversation API.
  • Ensure you app can make successful calls using all APIs.

Submitting Your App

To begin the submission process, load your app in the App Dashboard, navigate to the App Review > Requests panel, and click the Request Permissions or Features button.

When completing the submission process, use one of the guides below based on how your app will be used: