System Users

Make programatic, automated actions on ad objects or Pages, or do programmatic ads buying. System users represent servers or software making API calls to assets owned or managed by a Business Manager.

The easiest, quickest way to create a system user is in the Business Manager tool. See Ads Help Center: How do I add a new System User.

To take actions for a person managing an ad account, you should take them through the standard Facebook oAuth flow and get a user access token. If you try to use system user tokens to work on ad objects or Pages on behalf of a real user of your software, you cannot link this user to those actions unless you take them through Facebook Login.

Documentation Contents


Learn about the two different types of system users: admin system user and system user. Read API limits for system users.

Guide: Create System Users

Create, retrieve, and update a system user. Learn how to invalidate access tokens.

Guide: Install Apps and Generate Tokens

A guide to install apps and generate access tokens through your system user.

Guide: Permissions

Assign system user tasks on ad accounts, user page, and proxied assets. Retrieve permissions.

Guide: API Calls

How to make automated API calls for Marketing API and Pages API.

System Users And Custom Audiences

Rules for system users to operate with a Custom File Custom Audience.