Instagram Advantage+ Catalog Ads

Advantage+ catalog ads are available for Instagram. You can use custom audiences targeting to reach people who visited or engaged on your website.

To create a template creative for Advantage+ catalog ads or travel ads, set template_data under object_story_spec. We support Advantage+ catalog ads on Instagram Feed, Stories, and Explore.

Get Started

The default image is specified by the image_url of each product or other images in additonal_image_urls. If additional_image_index is set in the ad template, the creative needs to be 600px or more in both width and height. If the image is not square, it will be cropped when displayed.

The name, which you can use with the carousel format only, and message for template_data are under the product image. The description does not appear on Instagram, only on Facebook.

Using call_to_action for template_data is optional. If it is not provided, a Learn More button will be created by default with the URL of the product shown.


We deliver Advantage+ catalog ads for Facebook Feed on Instagram, even if they use certain features. However some features do not appear:

We do not deliver Advantage+ catalog ads for Facebook Feed on Instagram Stories if they contain:

  • Map cards
  • Videos from catalog
  • Category cards
  • Collections
  • Ad campaign objective is STORE_VISITS

Because each Instagram post is dynamically generated, you cannot get the instagram_permalink_url and instagram_story_id of the ad creative template. That means that you cannot get the likes and comments of your Advantage+ catalog ad posts on Instagram.