This guide describes the requirements and limitations for the Groups API that allow you to read and create Facebook Group data on behalf of group members.


App Review

Groups API uses a 2 tiered API access level system, Standard level and Advanced level. Standard level access will only allow you to get data for users that have a role on your app, while Advanced level access will allow you to get data from all users in the group that the app is installed in.

Advanced level access to the API requires App Review. To gain access, include the following features and permissions with your submission.



  • publish_to_groups (required if your app will publish data to the group on the member's behalf)
  • groups_access_member_info (required if you want access to group member public info. — see limitations below)

App Installation

Group admins can locate and install your app as described in the Help Center, How do I add an app.


  • By default, personally identifiable information will not be included in API responses. For example, when requesting the content's of a post, the response will not include the name of the member who created the post.
  • An app can only access group posts after the group has installed the app.
  • In order to have a group member's default User fields included in API responses when available, the member must grant your app the groups_access_member_info permission. This permission can be granted through Facebook Login or through the Groups UI.
  • Due to the California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA), an app can only access group posts published after the app was installed on the group.
  • Only data created within the last 90 days will be included in your queries.