Version 2.7

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  • Changes — Changes to existing products or services (not including Deprecations).
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Graph API v2.7

Released July 13, 2016 | Available until October 5, 2018

New Features v2.7


  • Metrics - The following metrics have been added. These counts include breakdowns by organic, paid, source, and time and lifetime breakdown by user demographic info.

    • follow
    • unfollow
  • Webhooks The following field has been added:

    • is_webhooks_subscribed - Returns the status of a Webhooks subscription from the Page node. This field can be retrieved via GET or updated with a POST on /{page-id}.


  • Geotargeting Support - We now support geotargeting and gating via the targeting param on POST /{video-id} and POST /{page-id}/live_videos. This can also be extended to supporting restrictions by excluded locales through the API.

  • Video Node Fields - The following fields have been added to the Video node:

    • copyright_monitoring_status
    • feed_type

Changes v2.7

Business Manager API

  • Permissions: Your app now needs the business_management extended permission to access Business Manager. ads_management or the manage_pages permissions will no longer allow access. Facebook will migrate existing apps with these permissions to the new permission. Apps using this permission for the first time need to go through review. Please see Permissions and Business Manager API, Prerequisites for more information.


  • GET /{page-id}/tagged - This edge now returns posts in which the Page has been tagged. This is a change in behavior from previous versions that only returned posts directed to the Page.

  • Page Insights - Page metrics insights must now be explicitly specified when making Page Insights related requests. The default behavior of returning all metrics when none are specified is no longer supported.

Deprecations v2.7

  • No deprecations.

90-Day Breaking Changes v2.7

Open Graph

  • GET /{open-graph-object-id}/ - The url field has been removed from this node.