Version 2.10

Graph API | Marketing API

Changelog entries are categorized in the following way:

  • New Features — New products or services, including new nodes, edges, and fields.
  • Changes — Changes to existing products or services (not including Deprecations).
  • Deprecations — Existing products or services that are being removed.
  • 90-Day Breaking Changes — Changes and deprecations that will take effect 90 days after the version release date.

New Features, Changes, and Deprecations only affect this version. 90-Day Breaking Changes affect all versions.

Breaking Changes are not included here since they are not tied to specific releases.

Graph API

Released July 18, 2017 | Available until November 7, 2019

New Features


  • Webhooks for Page Events - The following actions will now trigger an update for Page feed field subscriptions:

    • Auto-publishing a scheduled event
    • Commenting on the event story
    • Creating and publishing an event
    • Publishing a draft event


Credit Allocations

  • GET /{extended-credit-id} — The following fields have been renamed:

    • invoice_email to extended_credit_emails
    • invoice_group to extended_credit_invoice_groups
    • sequential_liability_amount to allocated_amount
  • GET /{extended-credit-id} — The following fields have been added:

    • liable_biz_name fields
    • owner_business field with subfields id and name
    • owning_credit_allocation_configs
    • send_bill_to_biz_name
  • GET /{extended-credit-id} — The following field has been removed:

    • business_id field
  • extended_credit_invoice_groups - The following subfields have been added:

    • ad_accounts with account_id and name subfields
    • email
    • id
    • name
  • CurrencyAmount - The following fields with now return a CurrencyAmount object instead of just the amount:

    • allocated_amount
    • balance
    • max_balance
    • online_max_balance




  • App Restriction Enforcement — Specifying an access token for a user who fails the application's restrictions (such as country or age) will result in an error, unless an appsecret_proof is specified in the request.



  • GET /{event-id}/videos — This edge has been removed.

90-Day Breaking Changes


  • POST and DELETE /{comment-id} — This node now requires a valid page access token.

  • POST and DELETE /{object-id}/comments — This node now requires a valid page access token.

  • GET /{object-id}/comments - This edge now requires a valid access token.


  • POST /{url} - This node now requires a valid access token.

  • GET /{url} - og_object is no longer returned by default but must be included in the fields parameter.

  • /{url} Scraping - GET requests will no longer scrape the URL. POST /{url} must now be used to scrape the URL.


  • /{post-id} - This node now requires a valid access token.


  • /{video-id} - This node now requires a valid page access token.

Marketing API

Released July 18, 2017 | Available until May 8, 2018

New Features

  • No new features.


  • No changes.


  • No deprecations.

90-Day Breaking Changes

  • No 90-day breaking changes.

Breaking Changes in Marketing API v2.10

Ads Management

  • Holdout fields - The following fields have been deprecated from POST /{ad_account_id}/ads and GET /{ad_id}:

    • holdout_end
    • holdout_hash
    • holdout_start
    • no_show_offset
    • no_show_percentage
    • show_end
    • show_start
  • POST /{ad_account_id}/adcreatives - The following parameter is now deprecated:

    • follow_redirect
  • creative_rotation_parameter and creative_rotation type from GET ADSET_ID and POST AD_ACCOUNT_ID/adsets are deprecated.

  • Real-time bidding partner GET endpoints are deprecated. This includes GET /RTB_PARTNER_ID and GET /RTB_PARTNER_ID/stats endpoints. We also removed the field rtb_flag from POST /ADSET_ID and POST /ADGROUP_ID.

Signals and Targeting

  • Reach and Frequency Predictions - As of 2.10 we now provide target_spec as a JSON object; you no longer have to parse the response into JSON.


  • Breakdowns - The following types have been deprecated for the action_link_click_destination breakdown. See Insights, Breakdowns.

    • app_store_clicks
    • deeplink_clicks
    • website_clicks

Replaced by:

  • click_to_app_store
  • click_to_app_deeplink
  • click_to_website