September 16, 2019

New requirements for Housing, Credit and Employment Ads

Starting December 4, 2019, all advertisers must specify a special_ad_category for advertising campaigns that offer housing, employment, and credit opportunities. Advertisers delivering ads in these areas have limited targeting and audience selections. The special_ad_category should be one of the following: HOUSING, CREDIT, EMPLOYMENT, and NONE.

If you create your campaign before December 4, and don't assign it a special_ad_category, that campaign will have special_ad_category automatically set to NONE on December 4. After that date, you are required to set a special_ad_category if you create a new ad campaign.

Ads Manager

If you use Ads Manager to modify your ads before December 4, you must immediately start following Special Ad Category rules and limitations. In that case, the requirements are effective immediately.

Learn more about Special Ad Category.