October 3, 2012

The following changes will go into effect on October 3rd, 2012.

Built-in like/follow action required

We will stop allowing the use of Custom Open Graph "like" and "follow" actions now that there are built-in "like" and built-in "follow" actions. Please convert any custom "like" or "follow" actions you may have created to instead use the built-in "like" or "follow" actions.

Removing Bookmark URL

Originally scheduled for December 1, 2011.

As mentioned on the blog, this optional field was originally created to help developers track user referrals from app bookmarks. We now pass a ref parameter to let you know that the user is coming from a bookmark (i.e. ref=bookmarks). As such, we will remove the "Bookmark URL" field from the apps settings.

The following changes can all be enabled/disabled using the "October 2012 Breaking Changes" migration until October 3rd when they will go into effect permanently for everyone.

Removing Live Stream plugin

The Live Stream plugin has been deprecated and will render the Comments Box plugin in its place. While it offers similar functionality, there are a few functional differences.

Summary field being replaced by description field

Because the two fields were somewhat redundant, we will be removing the "Summary" field (found in the "Login Dialog" section of an app's settings) and instead using the "Description" field (found in the "Advanced" section of an app's settings) in places where "Summary" was previously used.

Removing position field for photos

The position field in both the [photo FQL table] as well as the Photo Graph API object will start returning 0 for all photos. The photos connection on an Album object in the Graph API will continue to return photos in the order they appear in the album. FQL queries on the [photo table] that have a WHERE clause containing the aid or album_object_id columns will return in the correct order as well without needing an ORDER BY position clause.

/picture connection will return a dictionary when a callback is specified

We will start returning a dictionary containing the fields url, height, width, and is_silhouette when accessing the /picture connection for an object and specifying a callback property. Currently we just return the picture URL as a string.