May 31, 2022

Out-of-cycle changes.

Marketing API

Store Sales Optimization

Optimization being deprecated

The Store Sales Optimization will no longer be available for use in new campaigns starting May 31, 2022, and existing campaigns will be disabled on June 30, 2022. This change includes the use of Store Sales Optimization in the Conversions Objective and Store Traffic Objective, as well as Collaborative Ads for Store Sales, and Collaborative Ads for Store Traffic.

  • The optimization_goal parameter will no longer accept the OFFLINE_CONVERSIONS value.

This change will affect the following endpoints:

  • POST /{ad-account-id}/adsets

Deprecation timeline

Beginning on May 31, 2022

You can no longer select Store Sales Optimization when creating or updating Conversion campaigns or Store Traffic campaigns. The only update possible would be to pause or delete such campaigns.

Beginning June 30, 2022

All remaining campaigns using the Store Sales Optimization should be stopped at this point. Any residual campaigns of these types continuing to run after this date will be disabled.