May 13, 2014

Realtime Updates & Disputes API Breaking Change

When we announced the migration from Credits to local currency payments last June, we also introduced Realtime Updates for payments and disputes to provide asynchronous payment updates and notifications of disputed payments.

Starting May 13th, 2014, developers that accept payments will be required to subscribe to and honor Realtime Updates to ensure order fulfilment and appropriate handling of disputes from all payers.

If you do not subscribe to and honor these updates, Facebook reserves the right, under our Developer Payment Terms to withhold payouts and/or stop your app from accepting payments.

As part of this change, developers must also take action on each dispute that is raised by a user in your app. This can either be a refund, or by calling the new Graph API for disputes, to notify Facebook of the dispute outcome.

After May 13th, 2014, Facebook will start auto-refunding disputes which are not handled by the developer in a timely manner.

Read about Realtime Updates for payments and how to subscribe

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Once you update your app, you should enable the migration setting for Realtime Updates on your app settings on "[APP_ID]/settings/migrations/".