July 5, 2012

Event GETs from Graph API/FQL Will Require an Access Token

All calls to get events from the Graph API or FQL will now require an access token to be used.

Removal of FBML

FBML apps will no longer work on Platform. All FBML endpoints will be removed and the "FBML Removal" migration added June 6th will be removed.

Updating Page Hours Property

The hours property of Pages will return times in the format HH:MM (e.g. "14:23") rather than the a Unix time.

Batch API Exception Format

Errors from the Batch API will return errors in a new format. Previously, errors would take the format:

{"error_code": "", "error_description": ""}

With this change, they will now be formatted in-line like the rest of the Graph API:

{"error": {"message": "", "type": ""}}

Removing Timezone From Event Times

We have had a migration titled "Timezone-less Events" out for a while now which removes timezones from event start and end times. This migration was originally created because in the past, events have been intended to be created with start and end times that are specific to the location of the event so including a timezone in the API simply led to confusion. Until now, this migration never had a date set for when it would go into full effect. That date is now July 5th. This change can be enabled/disabled using the "Timezone-less Events" migration.

Since this migration was originally created, we have added a timezone field to events which indicates the name of the timezone (as defined here) where the event is expected to happen. FYI, developers reading time in ISO 8601 should be supporting the full standard when reading event times. Most events return local times (no GMT offset), but in the future events likely will return other formats (namely date-only and precise).

Removing display=wap Dialogs

The wap dialog display mode will be removed.

Removing Some Event FQL Object Fields

We will be removing the following legacy fields from the [event] FQL object.

  • show_in_search
  • show_wall
  • show_photos
  • show_videos
  • show_posts
  • nid
  • tagline
  • event_type
  • event_subtype

Coordinate-less Tags

Tags previously could only exist on photos and always included x,y coordinates. On Facebook it is now possible to tag people in photos and statuses with no coordinates (example). These people show up as being "with" the actor. The potential breaking change is that it will be possible for the tags parameter of any photo object to return objects with no x or y parameters.

Removing Bookmark.Add and Profile.AddTab Dialogs

We will be removing the bookmark.add and profile.addtab dialogs from the Javascript SDK. These dialogs already don't do anything as the concepts of manually adding bookmarks and profile tabs have already been removed.

Moving Type Property Into Metadata Array

When querying the Graph API with a metadata=1 parameter, we append a metadata array and a type property to the response. We will be moving the type property into the metadata array.