January 9, 2013

The following change will go into effect on January 9th, 2013. Please note that January 9th is the second Wednesday of the month, not the first Wednesday of the month as is normally the case per our Breaking Change Policy. This is due to the fact that January 2nd is a company holiday so our standard Tuesday push will be delayed.

Removing unused splash_screen_url and gamebar_image_url properties

We will remove the splash_screen_url and gamebar_image_url app properties as these are no longer used anywhere so setting them will have no effect.

The following changes can all be enabled/disabled using the "January 2013 Breaking Changes" migration until January 9th when they will go into effect permanently for everyone.

Removing Dashboard REST API methods

We will remove all of the [dashboard.* REST API methods]. This was originally scheduled for June 2012 as announced in December 2011. To manage counts for your app, see the Requests documentation or this blog post.

Using canonical URLs when fetching data using link_stat table

When getting stats about a URL (e.g. number of likes) from the [link_stat FQL table] or by passing a URL to the ids parameter in a Graph API call, we will now use the canonicalized URL to fetch those stats. This fixes a few issues.

For example, getting stats for developers.facebook.com and developers.facebook.com?foo=bar currently could return different values for shares. This change will ensure they return the same values since they in fact point to the same page.