December 1, 2011

OAuth Spec Migration

In order to be compliant with the OAuth spec we have made changes to our auth APIs. As part of this update, we will be deprecating code_and_token and need developers to use code%20token. Everything is identical, just replace _and_ with encoded (%20).

Deprecating Dashboard APIs

These APIs (that start with "dashboard.") are no longer supported and will not be available past this date. This does not include the Dashboard count APIs which will deprecate on the FBML and Request 1.0 schedule (no support past Jan 1st 2012, and removed June 1st 2012.

Apps on Facebook: FB.Canvas.getPageInfo must be called with callback

The FB.Canvas.getPageInfo method will have to be called with a callback function. This was previously not required. See this blog post for more information.