August 1, 2012

Disabling FB.Canvas.setAutoResize

Originally scheduled for January 1, 2011.

We have renamed FB.Canvas.setAutoResize to FB.Canvas.setAutoGrow so that the method more accurately represents its function. FB.Canvas.setAutoResize will stop working on August 1st. We will completely delete the function on September 5th.

Page Post GETs from Graph API/FQL Will Require an Access Token

All calls to GET Page posts from the Graph API or [FQL] will now require an access token to be used.

Removing prompt_permissions.php and prompt_feed.php

We will be removing a very old version of the feed dialog as well as a very old version of the Login Dialog. If you are one of the very few developers still using these legacy endpoints, you should upgrade to the current Feed Dialog and/or Login Dialog.

Removing Add To Timeline Plugin

We will be removing the Add to Timeline plugin. If you are embedding the Add to Timeline plugin, we will render the Login Button in its place with the publish_actions permission automatically added to the scope parameter.