Pages and Groups

Use Facebook Pages and Groups to engage and drive a deeper connection between you and your community of players.

Video Games group

There's a new Video Games group type designed to help build a strong relationship between game developers and their gaming community. As a group administrator, you can change your group type to Video Games. This will allow us to track growth and engagement in these groups and enable gaming-specific features that support deeper integration between the group members and the game.

You can find these under the [...] button > Edit group settings:

After changing your group type, you can now add games related to this group.

Create a Page for your App

In the advanced settings for your app, you can either link one of your existing Facebook pages to your game or you can create a new page and link it to your game.

The following example creates a new page for your game. Note that the name of the page must contain the name of the app and the page must be in the App Page category.

  1. In the App Dashboard, open the Advanced Settings for your game.
  2. In the App Page pane, click Create New Page.
  3. In the Create a Page page, set the title to contain the name of your app, set the category to “App Page”, and then click Create Page.
  4. Return to the Advanced Settings for your app and refresh the page. Select the newly-created page from the list of existing pages and then click Save.

Groups for Pages

You can use Groups for Pages as a Page Admin to create new Facebook Groups, or to link your Page to existing Facebook Groups. When a Facebook Group is connected to a Page, you can act as your gaming brand or development studio to administer and interact in your Group. These Facebook Groups are also listed on your Page, making it easy for fans to discover them.

You can follow these instructions to get started:

  1. Visit your page and select Setting.
  2. Select Edit Page. Scroll to the bottom and select Add a Tab.
  3. Select Add Tab next to Groups.
  4. Your Groups tab will now be added. You can also customize the tab settings.
  5. Return to your page, and select the Groups tab. Select Link an existing Group or Create Group to get started.

Badges for Admin, Moderator and New Member

There are now badges to reflect the different group roles: Admin, Moderator, New Member. This makes it easier for you to identify fellow administrators or your fellow players that you interacting with.

Post by Admin
Post by Moderator
Post by New Member

This feature is currently available only on Android and PC web. iOS support will be rolling out soon.

Best Practices for managing your Group

You can configure your group settings via the [...] button and selecting Edit Group Settings.

Getting New Members involved

  1. Welcome new people when they join. Ask new members a question or invite them to introduce themselves. By engaging with them directly, you put them at ease that they’re in the right place and create a sense of community from the first interaction.
  2. Help members understand what the group is for. A short post that gives some examples of what people can share and discuss helps new members get acclimated.
  3. Encourage members to invite friends. Grow your community through your existing members. Encourage them to add friends with a post that lets them know who among their friends to invite.

Encouraging more participation from Members

  1. Ask questions. Questions are a fun, direct way to invite conversation. Simply asking what people are up to or asking for advice can help start a conversation and involve members.
  2. Tag people in posts. If you want to hear from someone, tag them in your post using the ‘@’ symbol. It’s a direct way to ask members what they think about a topic or just to check in and let them know you’re thinking of them.
  3. Comment on posts by members. Let people know you’re paying attention! Commenting on posts, even just to acknowledge you’re happy they posted, encourages members to post again.
  4. Collaborate with Polls, Docs, Events and Chat. Get input from your members with a poll, work together in a shared document, help organize activities with Events, or discuss things in real time with chat.

Keeping your group safe as it grows

  • Add group rules to the description. Clarify the rules of the group in the description so that all members are aware of the group’s norms and behavior. You can start off with the example below:
  • Turn on membership approval. If you’d like more control over your membership, turn on Membership Approval and all new members will require approval by an admin or moderator as shown below:
  • Ask questions to a member who wants to join. If you'd like to learn more about the people who are joining, and ensure that they are interested in your game, you can select up to 3 questions to ask them.
  • Get help by adding a moderator. Moderators are like admins, but with limited controls. They can help you manage membership and review posts without having access to group settings.

  • Turn commenting off on a post. If a conversation is headed in the wrong direction, turn off commenting to help cool things down from the [...] button in the post:

  • Encourage members to report. Members can report objectionable posts and comments to you for you to take action on. Create a post encouraging them to help you keep the group safe.

  • For groups that need close management, admins can turn on post-approval. Turning on post approval will require an admin to approve all posts before they go live in the group as shown below:

Categories for Gaming Pages

As a game developer or publisher, you should create a Facebook Page and associate it with your gaming brand. When creating a new page for your gaming brand, you can configure the following gaming categories for your page by following the flow:


Game Publisher

Businesses > Media / News Company > Game Publisher

Gaming Video Creator

Public Figures > Video Creator > Gaming Video Creator

Professional Gamer

Public Figure > Professional Gamer

Esports League

Businesses > Sports and Recreation > Sports League > Esports League

Esports Team

Businesses > Sports and Recreation > Sports Team > Esports Team

When editing an existing page, you can type in the category directly as shown: