Gaming Services for Web Games on Facebook

The Web Games on Facebook and Facebook Gameroom platforms are no longer available for new submissions. This documentation is intended solely for developers with existing games. To learn more, read our blog post.

Gamers are playing on multiple platforms and Facebook has the ability to be everywhere that gamers are. With Facebook, game developers can build better, scale faster, and connect the world.

Facebook offers a family of products and services that are particularly useful for game developers to build, grow, and monetize their games across multiple screens. Unlike other products, our solutions are people-centric and cross-platform as opposed to device-centric.


This overview of Gaming Services for Web Games on Facebook provides a jumping off point into the detailed resources available on our site to help you integrate Facebook into your game.


Facebook offers a rich variety of social channels that enable your players to communicate and share the ways they play with your game. From lightweight stories to screenshots and videos, introduce a high-quality sharing flow within your game by implementing the Share Dialog.

Game Requests

Use Game Requests to attract new players or to re-engage existing players. Build a custom friend selector that helps maintain an immersive game experience. Use translations to automatically deliver requests and invites in the language of their recipients.

App-to-User Notifications

Drive re-engagement with 180 characters or less. Customize short-form messages directed at players of your game to communicate important events, invites from friends or actions people need to take.

Measurement for Games

Dive into the trends of what is happening in your app with event-based metrics. Integrate App Events within your game to learn more about how people are using your app through Facebook Analytics. Track traffic sources through the use of referral parameters for games on

Web hosting by Facebook

You can now upload your games' client code directly to Facebook instead of hosting it on your own or other third-party servers. It's a free and easy way to reach millions of players using the same fast and reliable infrastructure that powers Facebook photos and videos.