Page Public Content Access

The Page Public Content Access feature allows your app access to the Pages Search API and to read public data for Pages for which you lack the pages_read_engagement permission and the pages_read_user_content permission. Readable data includes business metadata, public comments and posts. The allowed usage for this feature is to provide aggregated, anonymized public content for competitive analysis and benchmarking. You may also use this feature to request analytics insights to improve your app and for marketing or advertising purposes, through the use of aggregated and de-identified or anonymized information (provided such data cannot be re-identified).

Allowed Usage

  • Provide competitive benchmark analysis.

Additional Details

  • This permission or feature requires successful completion of the App Review process before your app can access live data. Learn More
  • This permission or feature is only available with business verification. You may also need to sign additional contracts before your app can access data. Learn More Here
  • While you are testing your app and before you submit it for review, your app can only access content on a Page for which the following is true: The person who holds the admin role for the Page also holds an admin, developer, or tester role on the app. If you want the app to be able to access public content on other Pages, you must submit this feature for review. Once you set your app to live mode, it will not be able to see any Page public content without this feature.