App Review for Login - Examples

Read our examples of instructions and submissions to improve the quality of your App Review submission. You can also refer to our sample submission, which documents a fictitious app review submission for an app that uses Facebook Login.

Examples of Instructions

List your instructions in a step-by-step format so that we can reproduce your action and can use additional properties that belong to the action. All instructions must be in English. Please make sure that you do not:

  • Reference instructions from other submissions you made
  • Summarize what your app does instead of instructions
  • Provide technical details of how your APIs work

Example: user_likes permission

  1. Login with Facebook to the "Coco and Etoile Dating App."
  2. Accept the "user_likes" permission.
  3. Access your "Coco and Etoile Dating App" profile. Click the three lines in the upper left-hand corner. Click the "profile" tab.
  4. Within the profile view, scroll down to see the interests section. These interests display the Facebook "user_likes" permission.

Example: user_events permission

  1. Login with Facebook to the "Coco and Etoile Dating App."
  2. Accept the "user_events" permission.
  3. Click "yes" to accept the pending match.
  4. Immediately after accepting, you will see event suggestions. For instance, the configured test user (and its match) have both attended soccer games. The suggested event is an upcoming Stanford Women's Soccer Game.
  5. Without the Facebook "user_events" permission, we would only be able to suggest location-based events.

Example: Open Graph "make" action with properties:

  1. Go to (example).
  2. Click the Connect Using Facebook link.
  3. Go to a recipe page.
  4. Click the "I'm making this!" button. The "make" action is published on your timeline.

To tag friends who are cooking with you:

  1. Click the plus sign below the "I'm making this!" button.
  2. Select friends.

To add a photo of the recipe you’re making:

  1. Click the Upload button.
  2. Select a photo of your food.

App Review Example: user_likes

A submission that would be approved could use user_likes to surface personalized and relevant content.

For example, the Sasquatch app explains why the user_likes permission is needed and how the app uses it to build personalized recommendations:

This second use case would also be approved as long as our review can reproduce this experience where the app has "matches" based on shared likes.

Coco and Etoile Dating App uses the user_likes permission to match people with common interests. Shared interests are overlapping Facebook user_likes between two people. Each app user can see and remove their interests (Facebook user_likes) from their dating profile.

Please note that using user_likes to check if someone has liked your app or feature will not be approved. The user_likes permission provides information on all of a person's likes, and the entirety of this data should be used to enhance the app experience.

How to Record A Video Screencast

You do not need to submit your app if it will only be used by you or by a reduced number of people. Any account listed in the Roles tab in your App Dashboard, such as admins, developers and testers, can access all permissions and generate a user or page access token.

You can use any of these accounts to test your app and create a screencast.

A screencast is a great way to guide us through your app and show us how you're using the requested permissions. Here's some best practices and third party resources for creating a screencast:

Best Practices

1. Make sure the app loads successfully

Please make sure the version of your app you submit for review loads each time you open it. If we can't load your app, we won't be able to test your app or approve your submission.

2. Show how to log into your app

The Login button should be easy to find. If we can't log in, we won't be able to test your app or approve your submission.

3. Use a clearly branded Facebook button that brings you to the permission dialog:

4. Demonstrate how your app uses the permissions you're requesting

For example, if your app is using publish_video, please demonstrate the steps required to post a live video to the app user's timeline..

5. Make sure your app doesn't pre-fill or violate any of our Developer Policies for Login:

6. Make sure your use of the permissions meet our review criteria

Only requests the permissions your app really needs. You can see a full list of available permissions on our reference page.

7. Keep it short!

Keep your screencast to 2 minutes or less, if possible.

Resources for creating a screencast