App Dashboard

The App Dashboard provides useful features for integrations with the Facebook Commerce Platform; for example, you can:

Use this guide to walk you through a sample integration.

Step 1. Add a Commerce Product

In your App Dashboard, under Add Products to Your App, find Commerce in the list of products, and click Set Up.

Step 2. Create a Commmerce Test Account

  1. In the left navigation (see image), under Products, select Commerce Accounts.
  2. If your app is not connected to any business account, choose a business from the dropdown and click Connect to a Business.

  3. If you don't have a business account yet, in the dropdown, choose Create a Business Management.

  4. After your business account is created, click Create Test Commerce Account. You will be redirected to Commerce Manager for account creation.

  5. Follow the set up steps in Commerce Manager. After you completed the setup, you will be redirected back to your App Dashboard.

  6. You can now manage your test commerce account from the App Dashboard: connect your app to it for order management, generate access tokens for the API calls, and subscribe to webhooks.

Step 3. Monitor API Integration Health

After you have set up a test commerce account, placed a handful of test orders in your test Page Shop, and generated a page access token, you can start the integration work and call Commerce API endpoints.

The Developer Performance Dashboard provides a quick way to monitor the status of your integration. You can use it to get a snapshot of the number of API calls your app has made, the success rate of those calls, error rates and other data. To access it, in the left navigation menu in the App Dashboard, look under Commerce and select Dashboard.

Learn more about the Developer Performance Dashboard.