VoiceTube Teaches English with Videos and Facebook Tools

“We’ve been part of FbStart since it started in 2014, and as a result of being in the program our company has developed much faster thanks to its many benefits. This also allowed us to focus our time and resources primarily on constantly improving our product and providing better customer experiences.” - Richard Zenn, CEO & Co-Founder, RedIdea Co.

Based in Taiwan, VoiceTube by RedIdea Co. is a platform that empowers people to learn English through videos. Founded by married couple Richard Zenn and Carol Lai, the app features over 30,000 videos with features such as bilingual subtitles, an online dictionary, sentence repeat and recording. The video platform idea came about because the founders noticed that education in Taiwan teaches reading and writing in English, but there's less emphasis on listening and speaking the language.

VoiceTube is the grand prize winner of FbStart App of the Year 2016. With its prize, VoiceTube plans to focus on international expansion in an effort to bring easy English-learning to more people around the world.

Available on: iOS, Android, Web


As a startup, one of the biggest challenges VoiceTube faced was how to scale and grow quickly with its very limited resources. FbStart introduced VoiceTube to a suite of Facebook developer tools as well as third-party partners such as GitHub and Mailchimp. These tools and services helped VoiceTube build and develop better product features in a short amount of time. For example, since implementing GitHub, VoiceTube saw a 40% decrease in average project completion time.

VoiceTube first started using Facebook Login for its convenient user experience. The results after implementing Facebook Login were beyond VoiceTube's original expectation with more than 62% of its total customers logging in to the app via Facebook compared to email sign-in. They also found Facebook Login users to be more engaged, spending 27% more time on the app and generating 67% more video views.

VoiceTube wanted to find a way to monetize the app while keeping a positive and non-disruptive experience for their users. They turned to Facebook Audience Network as their primary channel of monetization. VoiceTube implemented native ad units that matched the look and feel of their app and people-based targeting offered by Audience Network to ensure the ads delivered were highly-targeted and relevant.

“Unlike other ad platforms where ads can be obtrusive to the customer experience, we've received no criticism for the native ads served via Facebook Audience Network.” - Halu Hsieh, COO, RedIdea Co.

Not only did Audience Network offer a more streamlined ad experience for its users, VoiceTube also saw 2X better CPMs from Audience Network when compared to other ad networks. As a result, VoiceTube has migrated to exclusively using Audience Network and currently generates 100% of its app revenue from Facebook Audience Network.


  • 62%
    of people use Facebook Login to sign into the app
  • 67%
    more video views by people using Facebook Login
  • 100%
    of mobile app revenue from Facebook Audience Network

Facebook Products Used

  • Facebook Analytics for Apps: gained insights across devices and platforms for how people were using the app.
  • Facebook Audience Network: drove 100% of VoiceTube's current mobile app revenue.
  • Facebook Login: provided an easy and convenient way for highly-engaged customers to log in across devices and platforms.
  • FbStart: leveraged Facebook developer tools and third-party partner benefits to help build and grow its app more than 40% faster.
  • Sharing: allowed customers to easily share videos and blog posts on Facebook and served as VoiceTube's primary organic growth channel.