Saavn is Connecting the World Through Music

India's leading digital music service, Saavn, transforms how people around the world access and experience music on a daily basis. Saavn’s combination of Internet radio and on-demand music capabilities, coupled with proprietary social features like music tagging and music chat, delivers one of the richest media experiences available on mobile and Web today. Saavn is currently available in more than 196 countries and offers over 20 million tracks in 13 languages. The company has 900+ label partnerships and growing, including T-Series, Tips, YRF, Saregama, Eros, Universal, Sony, and Warner Music.

Available on: iOS, Android, Windows


By leveraging Facebook, Saavn is able to achieve unmatched scale, reach its target customers, lower the barrier to signing up customers and gain valuable insights to personalize the music experience for each customer.

Saavn uses a suite of Facebook developer tools, including Open Graph stories, Sharing, Facebook Login and Facebook Analytics for Apps. Within the first 3 days of launch, Sharing and Open Graph stories doubled the total amount of visitors to and increased the number of visitors from Facebook to Saavn by 15X.

Integrating with Facebook helps Saavn to better connect people through their related music interests and listening patterns. Saavn customers who sign in with Facebook Login see a 65% higher engagement rate and they also share music with their friends 3 times more often than other Saavn users.

Saavn implemented Account Kit to provide an easy way for people to log into their accounts with their phone numbers, and in the first 2 months of integrating the product, they saw an increase of 33% in new registrations per day. Since Saavn has a large existing customer base, this increase in registrations meant that Account Kit helped to convert long-term, non-registered users into registered ones. In only two months, Saavn saw a total of 551,000 registered phone number users. Account Kit registrations with phone numbers and Facebook Login account for over 80% of Saavn's user registrations.


  • 65%
    higher engagement among listeners who use Facebook Login
  • 3x
    more shares from Facebook Login users
  • 15x
    total number of visitors to coming from Facebook
  • 33%
    in new user registrations per day with Account Kit integrations

Facebook Products Used:

  • Account Kit: Saavn used Account Kit to provide people an easy way to log in using their phone number.
  • Comments: Lets Saavn users engage in social discussions around the music they enjoy.
  • Facebook Analytics for Apps: Saavn logged app events to better measure and understand its customer demographics. They also use Analytics for Apps as a first-level debugging tool to monitor errors with integration, helping to quickly detect areas to improve performance and roll out updates and fixes.
  • Facebook Login: People that use Facebook Login have a 65% higher engagement rate than consumers that sign in through email-registered accounts.
  • Stories: Saavn was Facebook’s first global partner and first Indian partner to use Open Graph stories. Open Graph doubled the total amount of visitors to within the first 3 days, and increased the number of visitors from Facebook to Saavn by 15X.
  • Sharing: People can share their music experiences easily with friends.