Success Story: MusiXmatch

MusiXmatch is the largest and most exhaustive official catalog of sync lyrics for karaoke and singing fans with over 30 millions users and more than 9 million lyrics in 37 languages.


MusiXmatch wanted to convert more karaoke & singing passionates using their app to fans on its Facebook Page. Having a bigger fan base on its Facebook Page allows musiXmatch to enhance its user engagement with those most loyal to the app, and also makes it easy for musiXmatch fans to spread the word to their friends on Facebook.

To increase its presence amongst its users, musiXmatch has integrated many of Facebook's products. In particular, by presenting a dialog with the mobile Like Button right after people log into the app, musiXmatch saw significant increases in its fan base. What musiXmatch also found was that more Likes generated higher engagement, which then ultimately led to increased word-of-mouth growth via Shares.


Facebook Products Used

  • Sharing: MusiXmatch implemented both the iOS and Android native Share Dialogs due to their seamless integration within the app and the respective operating systems. 30% of shares generated on the app use the Facebook Share Dialogs. As an early adopter of the mobile Like Button on both its iOS and Android apps, musiXmatch was also able to boost engagement.
  • Login: 35% of people who complete the sign-up process in musiXmatch use Facebook Login.
  • App Insights: MusiXmatch uses App Insights to monitor people's activity on musiXmatch related to Facebook (e.g., total referrals sent to musiXmatch by Facebook and how they are trending, number of total and new Facebook logins to musiXmatch, how musiXmatch's Facebook newsfeed stories are performing).
  • Custom Stories: MusiXmatch successfully implemented several Open Graph custom stories. Stories are published through the custom objects such as "Song With Lyrics": "Sync a Song", "Favorite a Song", "Identify a Song", and "Play a Song". MusiXmatch also provides several collections like "Recently Identified", "Top Songs With Lyrics", "Recently Favorited", and "Recently Synced".


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