Before You Submit

Before you begin the App Review submission process, make sure to complete each of the steps outlined below. This will improve the quality of your submission and reduce the chances of it being rejected.

  • Make sure you have completed app development and that it is ready for us to test. Making changes to your app's basic or advanced settings after you have submitted may require re-review.

  • Upload a 1024x1024 compliant app icon image to Settings > Basic > App Icon.

  • Make at least 1 successful API call using each permission for which you are requesting advanced access. Calls must be made within 30 days of submitting for App Review and can be made using your app or the Graph API Explorer tool.

  • Read our screen recordings guide. Make sure to record in high-resolution, 1080 or better, and that your screen recordings show an app user granting your app each permission your app requires, and that it shows how your app uses each granted permission and feature that you will be requesting in your submission. We will use your recordings as guides when testing your app to verify that it actually uses all of the permissions and features you are requesting.

  • Make sure your app's name and icon meet our trademark and logo requirements.

  • Make sure we can access your app or website. Your app must be publicly available or you must provide instructions on how to access it.

  • If you want us to test your account using a specific test user, gather their credentials.

  • Read our Platform Terms and Developer Policies to ensure your app adheres to our terms and policies.

  • Read the Allowed Usage section in the reference for each permission and feature that you will be requesting in your submission. If your app does not satisfy the allowed usage for a permission or feature, your app will not be approved for that permission or feature.

  • Read our FAQs regarding policy violations and the App Review process.

  • Read our Common Mistakes guide to avoid common mistakes found in first-time submissions.