Using Breakdowns

Use breakdowns in Ads Manager to see the age of your audience, where they are viewing your ads, what devices they are using, and much more.

  1. Select the Campaign, Ad Set or Ad that you want to view
  2. Click Breakdown
  3. Click By Delivery, By Action or By Time and select a breakdown.

Understanding Data by Breakdowns

Data by Breakdown is available for the following:

  • Breakdown by Delivery
  • Breakdown by Action
  • Breakdown by Time

Breakdown By Delivery

When you select a breakdown in this category, you will see more information about who your ad was delivered to. For example, if you select Age, your results will be displayed based on age ranges.

You can also use Country, Region, or Designated Market Area (DMA) to break down your results by location. When you refine your reports to show geographic information, the data will reflect where people live or were located when they saw your ads, depending on how you set your location targeting.

Breakdown By Action

When you select a breakdown in this category, you will see more information on the actions taken as a result of your ad. For example, if you are running a campaign with a Carousel ad, you can select Carousel Card to show how many clicks each card received.

Breakdown By Time

This category shows more detail by day, week, two-week periods and months.

What's available:

  • All general metrics, such as results, cost per result, and amount spent.
  • You can combine this breakdown with all-time breakdowns, including day, week, 2 weeks and month. For example, you can find out how your ads did at 8am every day of a given week.
  • You can export your hourly breakdown report.

What's unavailable:

  • Unique metrics, such as reach, Unique CTR, and cost per 1,000 people reached.
  • You can't combine this breakdown with other delivery breakdowns such as age, gender, and location.
  • You can't combine this breakdown with action breakdowns such as conversion device and carousel card.
  • There is no hourly breakdown data for ad impressions that happened before May 1, 2015.

Tips for Using Breakdowns

You can analyze your data based on breakdowns and use the results to make decisions about future campaigns. For example, if more people interact with your ad in certain region, you might consider solely targeting people in this region or testing creatives to this audience.

Here are a few suggestions for analyzing your data:

  • Select Platform & Device to see if more people interacted with your ad on a specific platform or device like an iPhone, iPad or Android smartphone.
  • Use geographic information to see where people were when they viewed your ad. For example, you can select Designated Market Area (DMA) to show a breakdown of results based on Nielsen's marketing regions in the U.S.
  • Combine different breakdowns to show an additional level of information. For example, you can select Age (under Delivery) and Day (under Time) to see what age group interacted with your ad and when they interacted with it. Note: You cannot combine breakdowns under the same category.