Code of Conduct

Community Code of Conduct

Developer Circles from Facebook should be a community that provides every member with a positive and constructive experience. Thus, it’s essential for members to treat each other with respect and courtesy, both online (i.e. in the Facebook Group) and offline (i.e. during events). Here are some ground rules for community behavior.

1. Everyone must refrain from discriminatory behavior or speech.

2. Intimidation, harassment, derogatory and demeaning conduct are also considered unacceptable behavior.

3. The community thrives if members are welcoming, respectful and and courteous with one another regardless of differences in opinion. Everyone should treat Developer Circles as a place to learn from one another.

4. Communication should be constructive and no member should share spam, inappropriate or insulting content.

Note that those who do not adhere to the code of conduct should be removed from the Facebook Group or event.