How do I identify a WhatsApp Facebook Test Number with Graph API? what is the parameters I need in Graph API Explorer?

currently I am using this URL in Graph API Explorer:

v16.0/{WhatsApp Business Account ID}?fields=subscribed_apps,phone_numbers{verified_name,code_verification_status,display_phone_number,quality_score,platform_type,throughput,status,name_status,certificate,account_mode,message_qrdls.limit(10){code,prefilled_message,deep_link_url,qr_image_url},is_preverified_number,messaging_limit_tier,new_name_status,search_visibility,is_pin_enabled}

but compared that between a Live Number and Facebook Test Number, I see no difference and no way to tell which is the test number from Graph API alone, so how does one use Graph API to identify the Number Type?

Asked about 2 months ago