App Management Rate Limit

Hello! I am an ex-Meta employee and platform developer (hello pam!), now working elsewhere on some FB integrations. In order to do so, I need to create a new application and test users alongside. However, I found that the many applications I created during my time at Meta placed me over the 3P, unverified app limit of 15 and so I needed to delete some.

I figured that because many of these applications are in an unexpected and possible risky state, it was responsible to delete all of them well I was at it. However, after deleting some more than half of them, I hit a 429 wall on my dashboard and am now rate-limited out of accessing anything which is very inconvenient :)

I'm hoping this block is short-lived otherwise I would appreciate more direct support!

Thanks, Chase

Asked about a month ago

Update: Rate limit has unblocked and I'm making progress again.

May 14 at 3:14 PM