Can't fetch direct messages

So, i have several instagram and facebook business account. When i make a request:


I get this response:

"data": [ { "name": "Kale Gallery", "username": "KaleGallery", "instagram_business_account": { "id": "17841405918633474" }, "id": "351298761969594", "tasks": [ "ADVERTISE", "ANALYZE", "CREATE_CONTENT", "MESSAGING", "MODERATE", "MANAGE" ] }

So, then i fetch its id: 351298761969594 and work with it further.

I make this request: 351298761969594/conversations and i am able to fetch the messengers messages, but when i add:

351298761969594/conversations?platform=instagram i get the empty string "data". If i make the same request but now with the instagram business id: 17841405918633474 i get the this error:

(#100) Tried accessing nonexisting field (conversations) on node type (IGUser)

How to resolve this issue?

Asked about 2 months ago