Facebook Graph API - I suddenly am not getting all events associated with my page - something to do with new pages experience?

I am using graph API to pull back a list of events on my Facebook page. I believe the app and permissions are ok as I was getting a proper list back until recently.


Now in the last days I only get a listing of a few events, mostly from 2012 to 2015.

Something like this happened before when I tried to switch my page to "new pages experience". This broke back then also but I switched back and it worked again.

It seemed like sometime later my page had somehow switched to new page experience but my query was still working. However then yesterday my query stopped working again and now I only get very old events.

Does anyone have any weird experiences when retrieving events after moving to new pages experience?

thank you

Asked about 2 months ago
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I also have the same problem, in an app I have a call like this:


Until July I received all the upcoming events, now I receive very few and all very old. Has anything changed in the api call?

September 26 at 2:20 AM