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Adobe Flash Player Update May Affect Platform Applications

March 29, 2008ByPete Bratach

Adobe is planning to release a security update for Flash Player 9 next month (April 2008). Adobe informed Facebook that this update can potentially break Platform applications that use Flash.

If any of the following situations apply to your application, then your application could be affected by the update.

  • You use sockets or XMLSockets, regardless of the domain to which you are connecting
  • You use addRequestHeader or URLRequest.requestHeaders in any network API call when sending or loading data cross-domain
  • You provide access to content on remote domains as a web service provider
  • You have SWFs that are exported for Flash Player 7 (SWF7) or earlier that communicate with the hosting HTML by any means
  • You use "javascript:" through network APIs to communicate outside a SWF

This security update also includes the second phase of their implementation for authorizing socket policy files.

You can read the full article about the update at the Adobe site: