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Want to Attend a Developer Roundtable?

March 5, 2008ByCaitlin O'Farrell Gallagher

As part of our ongoing quest to improve Platform and communicate openly, we are going to hold a series of Developer Roundtable events at the Facebook offices in Palo Alto. You’ll meet the Platform team and other developers. You’ll have a chance to discuss developing Platform applications, best practices, and monetization strategies, and we’ll gather your feedback and feature requests.

The roundtables will take place once a month and will alternate between technical- and business-focused topics. If you are interested in attending a roundtable, please email with the following information:

  • Relevant Contact Info (Name, Email, Phone #, etc)
  • Title, Company
  • Application Canvas Page URLs
  • Number of Active Users
  • A short paragraph describing why you think you could add value to the discussion

We will try and accommodate most if not all of the requests to attend these events over the next 10 months (and beyond) and will do our best to match you up with appropriate subject matter.

Your feedback is important to us. While we may not be able to accommodate every feature request or incorporate every suggestion, we will take your thoughts into account as we continue to improve Platform.

Our first roundtable will take place in late March and will focus on the profile redesign.


p> If you are interested in participating in or learning about additional Facebook events, including our Developer Garage program, please become a fan of the Facebook Platform Page for updates or check out the schedule on the Facebook Developer Wiki for a list of upcoming events.