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Feedback-based allocations for notifications

February 6, 2008ByTom Whitnah

To improve the Facebook Platform user experience and to reward compelling applications, we will be rolling out a feedback-based system that allots notifications in proportion to user response. Applications will no longer have a static upper limit of 40 notifications per user per day. Instead the number of notifications per application will be based on a range of factors including the rates that users ignore, hide, and report notifications as spam.

The new system aims to provide users with more compelling notifications and fewer notifications that they are likely to ignore or consider spam. We hope this change incentivizes developers to improve the quality of their notifications and encourage their users to send notifications to interested friends.

Before this change goes out, we will be providing two new Insights statistics tabs. These tabs provide developers with their current per user notification threshold as well as metrics on notifications that they can use to understand how users are responding. While there is a general correlation between good response rates and higher thresholds, other factors and metrics will be used to determine these scores as well and the allocations will adjust themselves accordingly.

The new Insights tabs will be available later this week and users will start seeing changes next week. Please send your feedback to with [notifications allocations] in the subject field.