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New and improved login procedure

October 31, 2006ByDave Fetterman

We’ve gotten a lot of feedback about the current login procedure, and we agree that it’s awkward. For applications that have their own login schema, users have to first login to the application and then login to Facebook. If the user spends over an hour browsing through an application, they have to login to the application every hour.

Starting Nov 6th, we are going to introduce a change that will hopefully improve this experience. A user will only have to log into Facebook once, and as long as their Facebook cookie is active they will not see another login page.

We also provide an alternative streamlined login page without all the extra Facebook navigational elements. To use the alternative login page add “&popup” to the original login URL.

We wanted to give you advance notice in case you need to make changes or would like to inform your users. We hope these changes will improve the user experience for applications built on the Facebook Development Platform.