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New Year. New Rules.

January 1, 2008ByDave Morin

At Facebook, we care deeply about creating technologies that facilitate the sharing of information through the social graph in new and innovative ways. With Facebook Platform, as we iterate, make changes, and add new capabilities we want to enable developers to provide new ways for users to share information and communicate though the social graph. Over time, we've gradually opened up the limits on notifications, requests, and email communication.

Recently, we've seen a few developers who have developed multiple applications abusing the limits we have put in place on email notifications. Specifically, these developers have been sending notification emails to users for one application with another application, in order to "pool" the total quota of email notifications together.

Additionally, on occasion we've seen applications deceiving or tricking users by putting links into Mini-Feed, notification, and notification Email communications which link to the installation of a different app in a similar way. Thus, tricking the user into installing an application which they didn't intend to.

Starting today, we'll begin blocking links in Mini-Feed, Notifications, and Notification Emails which lead to the installation of another application in the hopes that developers focus on user experience and engagement being paramount, not deceiving users for the sake of growth.

Happy Hacking!