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Announcing In-App Currency Offers

January 6, 2012ByAbhishek Doshi

Facebook gives users the ability to earn virtual currency by completing advertiser offers. For app developers, these offers can be a valuable additional source of revenue by helping them monetize users that may not otherwise pay for virtual currency. Today we’re launching in-app currency offers, which lets developers award users with their own in-app currency (e.g., Fred Currency in Fred's game) upon completing an offer.

Previously, developers were able to integrate Credits offers, where users earned Facebook Credits by completing offers. The new in-app currency offers product is in addition to the Credits offers product, and you can utilize either or both in your app.

In-app currency offers supports both Offerwall and Dealspot. An Offerwall implementation enables your app to open a Facebook dialog with an interactive list of advertiser offers. A DealSpot implementation lets you prominently spotlight one offer. For more details, please refer to our offers documentation.

We hope this new product provides you an additional source of revenue, and we look forward to seeing how you incorporate this new functionality into your apps. Please post your questions and feedback in the comments below.