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Facebook Platform SDK Support

December 30, 2011ByAlex Himel

Over the last few weeks, we have had several questions from developers as to which SDKs we support. We wanted to clarify that we provide support for the following:

Please note that we are moving the location of the JavaScript SDK repository from connect-js to facebook-js-sdk and the location of the PHP SDK from php-sdk to facebook-php-sdk. Only the new repositories will be updated moving forward and the old repositories will be made private on April 1, 2012.

Reporting Issues

To report any bugs or issues with any of the above SDKs, please file a report in our Bugs Tool. We apologize for confusion caused by the Issues tabs in GitHub. We do not provide support for this channel and have since removed them from all of our GitHub repositories. We now have a dedicated team of engineers devoted to supporting developers and responding every day to bugs opened via our Bugs Tool

Cookies used by the SDKs

Our JavaScript and PHP SDKs support a common cookie format that allows you to access Facebook Platform from both client and server side code in a seamless fashion. Previously, we documented this cookie format. This resulted in many apps and SDKs taking a dependency on it. We would like to consider this cookie format to be an implementation detail so that we can make changes for security or other reasons, and advise apps not to take a direct dependency on the format. Rather than attempting to parse our cookies, we recommend that you use one of the above supported SDKs or use OAuth endpoints to directly authenticate and authorize users. Our Authentication Guide highlights how to perform authentication and authorization directly.

Deprecated SDKs

Throughout this past year, we have deprecated or removed the below SDKs. The fact that we no longer provide an official Facebook SDK for a given language/runtime, does not mean that you cannot write Facebook apps using those technologies. Rather, all of Facebook Platform (Graph API, Dialogs, etc.) can be accessed from any language or runtime with an HTTP library in a simple and straightforward way. In fact, many of our developers forgo our official SDKs completely and just use HTTP. We are simply deprecating these SDKs based on our need to reduce surface area and provide better support. We have no doubt that the various developer communities will create Facebook SDKs for these platforms over time.

  • Python SDK: The Python SDK is deprecated. We intend on making the GitHub repository private on April 1, 2012.
  • C# SDK: The C# SDK is deprecated. The GitHub repository will be made private on April 1, 2012.
  • Facebook iPhone SDK: This SDK is deprecated and replaced by the iOS SDK. We have made the repository private.

Please leave any questions or feedback in the comments below.