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Changes to profile.setFBML

December 14, 2007ByJustin Mitchell

We are changing the way profile.setFBML works to break out the profile box FBML, profile action FBML, and mobile FBML.

For those using the PHP client library, you'll want to make sure you have the latest version from The new method call is:

$facebook->api_client->profile_setFBML('', 12800193, 'profile FBML here', 'profile action fbml here', 'mobile fbml here');

The first parameter ($markup) will be deprecated, and any profile actions or mobile fbml contained therein will be ignored in the near future. We will still support setting mobile and profile action FBML in the markup parameter for the next two weeks. On 1/17/2007 we will remove this support and you will need to use the new parameters for setting profile action and mobile FBML. Of course, you may start using the new parameters sooner. Check out the wiki page for more details.

We are making these changes to more efficiently parse different forms of profile information. Currently, we take in markup that contains FBML for the profile box, mobile FBML, and the profile action together. Unfortunately, this means we have to parse all three FBML segments when we usually need only one or two. This change will allow us to parse the minimal amount of FBML necessary and therefore make profiles load faster.

Update: The change will now take effect on 1/17/2008.