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Platform Updates: Operation Developer Love

This week we announced the Social Games Hack to be held on December 8th at Facebook HQ in Palo Alto, CA. Register now to learn about and get hands-on experience building social games on Facebook Platform.

Breaking Change: Returning up to 960px wide photos in "photo" FQL table

We recently announced support for 960px uploads in the photo upload API. This means that if a user uploads a photo on or via the Graph API, it'll be stored on our servers at 960px resolution, and when someone views that photo on, it'll be shown in that same resolution. However at the time we chose not to expose this via the API as this would be a breaking change for developers.

On 1st March 2012 we will begin returning photos up to 960px wide in the src_big field of the photo FQL table, as well as the source field of the photo object, increasing the current max width of 720px.

We have updated the roadmap to reflect this change.

Support for secure video embedding

We have added the og:video:secure_url Open Graph tag which can be used to specify an HTTPS URL for embedded video when attaching video data to Open Graph objects.

<meta property="og:video:secure_url" content=""/>

We will embed this URL rather than that specified in og:video tag for users who are browsing Facebook with HTTPS enabled. Note that if you only specify a non-HTTPS og:video tag, we will only embed your video for users who are browsing Facebook without HTTPS enabled. HTTPS URLs require a valid certificate and it is important that you do not cause the browser to load any non-HTTPS resources, as this will prevent your embedded video from playing correctly.

Improved Dev App requests flow

In response to feedback from developers, we have improved Dev App requests flow. So far, it was really hard to find the app that you have been recently added to since you had to search for the app by name and it didn't get automatically added to the "Recently Viewed" apps on the Dashboard.

To help you more easily find the app, we now show a link to Dev App settings for that app, after accepting requests to be an admin or developer for the app. You can also find the app under "Recently Viewed" apps on the Dashboard.

Updates to Canvas Pages

Updated Canvas Page layout for Fixed Width apps

We have made small changes to the layout of the Canvas apps that are using Fixed Width to make them more consistent with Fluid Canvas apps. The result is that apps that have a Fixed Width are now centered on the page while using the same left-aligned Facebook header that was previously limited to Fluid Canvas. This allows users to have a consistent experience with the Facebook interface across all the apps, both Fixed Width and Fluid Canvas, as well as smooth transition when they switch from one app to another via Canvas Bookmarks.

Canvas Bookmarks now sorted alphabetically

Canvas bookmarks accessed via the right-most tile on the Canvas Page are now sorted alphabetically.


Bugs activity for the past week:

  • 257 bugs were reported
  • 94 bugs were reproducible and accepted (after duplicates removed)
  • 35 bugs were by design
  • 28 bugs were fixed (27 public, 1 confidential)
  • 209 bugs were duplicate, invalid, or need more information

The list of public bugs fixed:

Facebook Stack Overflow Activity

Activity on this week:

  • 523 questions asked
  • 134 answered, 26% answered rate
  • 242 replied, 46% reply rate