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Mobile Hack

October 18, 2011ByJonathan Matus

Last week, we announced the extension of Platform to Mobile, bringing social channels to mobile apps. Earlier today, we announced the HTML5 Resource Center to help mobile developers build apps that span mobile devices. Now, we are inviting mobile developers to join us at a Mobile Hack in Palo Alto.

On October 28th, we will hold a Mobile Hack on Facebook campus. At this all-day event you will learn about building social mobile apps and then do some hacking on your own apps. We will cover both native and mobile web (HTML5) app development.

Industry experts that have already built social mobile apps will share their best practices. Along with the Facebook Platform team, they will show how you can make your apps more social and how to leverage social discovery to reach many millions of mobile users.

At the end of the event, the best apps will be selected by a panel of experts and prizes will be awarded. Your app does not need to be created from scratch at the event. Start building now!

Sign up here if you want to attend the event. Space is limited, but we will be sharing videos from the event.