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Tracking Platform Status

September 14, 2011ByEric Osgood

Do you ever wonder when our Push process completes so you can begin testing your app? Or if there are any known issues with Facebook Platform? The answers to these questions are found on the Platform Status page. Today we are launching a redesign of Platform Status to make it easier for you to see the current status, issue history, and API health of our Platform.

Current Status

In the Current Status section, you will see the most recent issue as well as the time that the Push process completed.

Issue History

This section indicates the last five reported issues. You can click on the RSS and email links to subscribe to issues.

API Health

Graphs chart yesterday’s and today’s Average API Response Time and Error Count.

JSON push status

To further help automate tests, we have added a push status feed link to the Platform Status. It is an API endpoint that provides a programmatic interface with the current Platform and Push status. If possible, hook up your automated test cases to run upon the push notification. This link will be live later this week.

   "push": {
      "status": "Complete",
      "updated": "2011-09-14T10:13:40-07:00"
   "current": {
      "health": 2,
      "subject": "Payments Reporting Issues",
      "post_time": "2011-09-13T22:44:09-07:00"

Health values correspond to the issue statuses below:

  • 0 (Update)
  • 1 (Normal)
  • 2 (Under Investigation)
  • 3 (Service Distruption)

With this update, we have also moved the Platform Status into the Support section of the Dev Site. The next time you believe you’re experiencing issues with Facebook Platform, this dashboard should be the first place you visit on the Dev Site.

Please let us know if you have any questions or feedback in the comments below.