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App Insights Now Available in Dev App

Having good analytics is key to growing your app. We have offered analytics for apps on the Insights Dashboard for quite some time. As part of our goal of offering all of our dev tools in one location, today we are integrating App Insights directly into the Dev App.

To get started, click on the "See All" link on the Insights section of the App Dashboard.

This takes you directly into the Insights menu containing links to the following pages:


This page displays a high-level summary of analytics for your app: users, sharing, and performance.


This page shows a graph of active users (daily, weekly, monthly), a breakdown of daily active user activity, daily new app installs/uninstalls, user demographics, user block activity, and user permission click-through rates. All user data is anonymized and non-personally identifiable.


This page shows analytics on content shared and requests.

News Feed

This page shows detailed analytics on stories published, impressions, and clicks. The page shows both positive user feedback (e.g., comments, likes, clicks) and negative user feedback (e.g., hides, marks as spam) on your content. The red and green areas of the graphs provide guidance on whether your app is generally in good standing or whether your app is receiving a significant amount of negative feedback.


This page shows API performance (daily API calls, average API request time, and API errors returned).


This page shows diagnostics for your app (API errors, restrictions, API throttling, and feature limits).


This page released a few weeks ago is only available if you are the Admin of the app and shows the Credits spend, chargebacks, and refunds.

App Insights inside the Dev App will be available later this evening. We look forward to your feedback in the comments below and will continue to iterate on App Insights.