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Free, Fast, and Scalable Hosting from Joyent

November 13, 2007ByDave Morin

Today at the Facebook Developer Garage Dallas, we announce a partnership with Joyent to provide free, fast, and scalable hosting to Facebook Developers.

Joyent's Accelerator on-demand infrastructure is best in class in the industry and provides the best load balancers on the market, routing and switching fabric, x86 servers, and storage from Dell. We've even peered Joyent's datacenter directly with ours for speedy roundtrips. Which means super fast performance for your Facebook application. And, to top it all off you get root access to a virtualized machine that includes all of the tools that you need to get going quickly developing your Facebook application. Including client libraries for PHP, Rails and Java, and memcached, right out of the box.

The price is free for one year. After that, Joyent asks that you move to one of their standard pricing plans for $45/month. You can cancel at anytime, and there are no contracts. If your application is awesome, and you need to scale more quickly, Joyent will work with you to move to a rate plan that can handle your scale.

We're excited to be partnering with Joyent to enable developers to provide fast, scalable experiences to users, for free. We hope to see more developers than ever before getting started quickly and easily on Facebook Platform.

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