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Platform Updates: Operation Developer Love

July 8, 2011ByDhiren Patel

This week we announced improvements to News Feed Insights. These improvements provide the ability to view granular user feedback for your app’s News Feed posts. Check out the details here: Using Feedback to Share Distribution

Documentation activity for the past 7 days

This week, we finished updating the Graph API reference docs. In doing these updates, we took a great deal of your feedback into account. These documents are now up-to-date, accurate, more detailed, and have improved formatting. Updating and improving our developer resources is an ongoing process, and we will continue to iterate and improve. Thanks to everyone who commented or otherwise left feedback. Please check out the new updates and send us any further comments and feedback you may have.

In addition to completing the Graph API documentation, we are in the process of updating our FQL docs. This week, we've updated the FQL docs for:


Ability to name test users

One of the most requested features for Test User management is the ability to specify a test user’s name. This week, we added this feature to the Test User create and update APIs.

The code below shows how to create a test user:


Use App ID instead of API Key

To minimize redundancy in app settings, we’ve removed the API Key field in our new Dev App. Reminder that you can substitute your App ID anywhere an API Key was previously used.


Fixing Bugs

Bugzilla activity for the past 7 days:

  • 155 new bugs were reported
  • 26 bugs were reproducible and accepted (after duplicates removed)
  • 8 bugs were fixed (6 previously reported bugs and 2 new bugs)
  • As of today, there are 1,433 open bugs in Bugzilla (down 3 from last week)


Forum Activity

Developer Forum activity for the past 7 days:

  • 447 New Topics Created
  • 207 New Topics received a reply
  • 46.31% received a reply from a community moderator or a Facebook employee