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Facebook Credits: New Payment Methods and Workflows Extend Global Reach

June 15, 2011ByLoren Cheng

Today we’re announcing new international payment methods and improved payout workflows for developers using Facebook Credits. Through these improvements, we’re now able to support developers in virtually all countries.

Starting around July 1, we’re adding alternative payment options for Facebook Credits in 13 countries in Asia and Latin America. Those payment options are supported by Live Gamer. A list of current Facebook Credits payment options is available here.

We’re also excited to announce that we now support payouts to developers in all countries globally (excluding a few government-embargoed countries). To do this, we’ve developed a new pay out process for developers in countries where we haven't previously supported payouts through banks or PayPal. For developers in these countries, we may request some additional documentation to enable them to be paid through their local bank account.

If you have specific questions about international payment options and payouts for Facebook Credits, please reach out directly or through the developer forums.