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Register your Feed Story Templates!

October 31, 2007ByJames Wang

If you look at your applications with the Developer application, you may notice a new link for each of the applications you own. Next to the "Edit Settings" link, there is a link to "Feed Templates", which takes you to a page where you can register up to ten story templates for each application.

These story templates are for use with the method feed.publishTemplatizedAction, which is documented here.

There are two main reasons that you may want to register your story templates. First, by registering your template, you will enable us to monitor how much users engage with your stories -- this is data that we will soon be passing along to you in order to help you determine any changes you would like to make to improve your story quality.

Second, for story templates that you register, you are given the option to expand the audience of the News Feed stories to users who have not yet added your application. (By default, an application's stories can only show up in the News Feed of users who have added it.) The stories won't start showing up in non-added users' News Feed yet, but as soon as we roll out the new changes, the stories for templates that you have registered and designated for display to all users will be immediately eligible.

So take a look at the new links in:
and get a head start by registering some templates!