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PayPal Payouts with Facebook Credits

Starting today, developers signing up for Facebook Credits will have the option to use PayPal as a payout option. Adding PayPal offers more flexibility and choice for payouts and makes it even easier to monetize your app with Facebook Credits.

When signing up for Facebook Credits for the first time, you can now add an existing PayPal account in the onboarding flow. You can also sign up for a new PayPal account by securely repurposing all the information you entered for Credits Onboarding to create a PayPal account.

This should be good news for developers in 22 countries, including Turkey, India and Japan, who previously had to supply additional credentials to authorize payouts to their bank account, or who were not able to use Facebook Credits at all. By adding PayPal as a payout option, we have doubled the number of countries where developers can get started with Facebook Credits immediately. More information about supported countries can be found in our help center.

We continue to see great momentum in the adoption of Facebook Credits, with over 500 applications from more than 250 developers now using Credits. The addition of PayPal as a payout option makes it easier for more developers to get started and get paid on the Facebook Platform.

If you have specific questions about payouts with PayPal, please reach out through the developer forums. We’ll continue to add additional payout options to support our large and diverse developer audience - stay tuned!